Unbeatable – A Self-fulfillment Story told through a Pair of Sticks

“Even when I was still a baby in her belly, my mother used to drum on it with her fingers because she wanted a drummer for a son. And Dad would put earphones on her pregnant belly and play Brahms’ Piano Concerto No. 2. I’m pretty sure this was how my love of music in general, and classical music in particular, was born. And from the moment I was able to firmly grip a pair of drumsticks in my hands—at about two years old—I never let them go again. I was born to a musical family, a father who is a pianist, and a mother who knows so many songs by heart she could give Spotify a run for its money.

“I started playing when I was only two, and I guess it could be said that I was “destined” to become a musician. Being so little, I did not know which instrument I would end up playing, but I found my calling in the drums soon enough, and I have always said—and do to this very day—that I am able to express myself better through drumming than through speaking or writing. That this book has been published is nothing short of a huge accomplishment for me.”

Eden tells: “Every time I close my eyes, I return to the scene of the tragedy and can’t stop thinking it could have easily been me under the fallen lighting rig, wallowing in my blood instead of her. The fact that the angel of death has skipped over me during that tragic event does not mean he would necessarily do the same again. I understand that I will never be the same person; from that moment on, my life had completely changed; the Eden of before the tragedy and the Eden of after the tragedy are two completely different persons.”

Eden Bahar is the man who dreamed, acted, and fulfilled thanks to an unfortunate event. Eden is a drummer from the age of three, as befitting the son of an inspiring musician, a partner in music also answering to the name of “Dad.” Over the past eight years, Eden has played with over one hundred bands and flown to thirty different countries. 

Ever since I can remember myself, I’ve been a man of few words and much drumming. Now, I’ve decided to add words to this rhythm by which I have been living for years.

“Eden Bahar is a young musician of great talent and a boundless love of music. In his book, he outlines for us, in detail, his development as a person and an artist, and shares with us the constant struggle between an artistic career demanding complete and total devotion, and life itself, his love life, his close ties with his family, and even simple, daily things he is unwilling to give up. Highly recommended!”

Rafi Kadishzon, Musician