About Eden

When Eden’s mother was pregnant with him, his father would take a speaker and hold it against his mother’s belly while playing Johannes Brahms piano concerto no 2. Eden is pretty sure that explains his love for music in general and specifically for classical music.

Eden grew up in Tel-Aviv and played the drums as much as he could. When he was 13 he received for his Bar Mitzvah his first professional drum set and when he was 14 he went on his first tour in Cyprus. Soon after he was lucky to have the opportunity to perform all around the world and learn from one of the most talented and renowned musicians in Israel, Yaron Bahar, who happens to also be his father.

They collaborated on an album in 2015, Classical Storm, on it they played classical music orchestrated for piano and drums. In the army, he served in the IDF orchestra for two years as a drummer. After that, his professional career as a drummer took off and Eden found himself performing all around the world playing different genres of music and meeting amazing musicians along the way.

It’s beyond anything he could imagine. Eden is always open to new projects and would love to collaborate with anyone who wishes to get funky! Nothing makes him happier and more grateful than seeing people dance to his drum beat.

Eden also studied with: Prof. Rafi Kadishzon – Conducting, Tomer Yariv – Orchestral percussion, Kenwood Dennard, Clayton Cameron, Chris Coleman, John Riley, Steve Gadd, Horacio Hernandez, David Z. Rich – Drums, Guru Samir Chatterjee – Tabla, Frederick “MILO” Darboh – Djembe and Dundun